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5 Reasons to Eat Quinoa for Weight Loss

Katherine Moss

quinoa for weight loss

It’s impossible to go can’t go wrong with quinoa for weight loss, it’s very nutritious and it can be easily used as a perfect substitute for all Rice types by helping to increase the overall food nutritional value.

These seeds are packed and rich with minerals and fibers, vitamins, proteins and minerals that help to reduce one’s apatite which in turn keeps you from eating any more unnecessary calories.

They’re also known to help regulate the cholesterol levels in the human body, bowel function, and even glucose levels.

Most health experts suggest and often do incorporate quinoa into their patients’ diet as it’s health benefits are typically much higher than most grains that are commercially available.

A lot of bodybuilders, weight lifters and people in the health and fitness community supplement on Lysine, as it’s a particularly important amino acid that helps to grow, and repair damaged cells.

#1 Reason to Eat Quinoa for Weight Loss

Ever ask yourself what makes a food a super-food? This pseudocereal is an excellent source of protein which is one of the most important aspects of this seed. Is Quinoa fattening then? No, not really.

The great thing about protein is that it helps to regulate many functions in the body but especially the hunger hormone known as ghrelin:


Ghrelin keeps you feeling fuller for much longer, and to further impress you, quinoa is very high in fiber which takes much longer to digest in turn keeping you feeling fuller for longer preventing you from eating too much.

But in reality, reducing your calorie intake isn’t the easiest of tasks when you’re starving and hungry all the time.

It’s important you eat foods that provide proportionate amounts of protein, it increases the satiety feeling since the body takes longer to digest it, compared to carbs or fat.

There’s a thermal effect when food consumption is involved and is generally responsible for 10-15% of energy burned by your body. This energy expenditure by the body is normally higher when eating foods with higher amounts of protein, meaning that you burn more calories digesting proteins, compared to other macro-nutrients.

Protein also plays an important and essential role in muscle growth, by helping in the healing and growth process. More muscle means a higher metabolic rate, since muscle does, in fact, burn more calories than it provides due to the slow digestion, and also burns more than fat.

A diet that’s rich in protein will prevent loss of muscle, in some cases even during a calorie restriction depending on how much is consumed.

Quinoa is a complete source of protein, it contains all nine essential amino acids necessary for our survival.

Cons of Eating too Much Protein

  1. There are some negative effects of eating too much protein, here are a few things to keep in mind:
  2. Low carbohydrate intake can increase ketone body production, which is caused when the body breaks down fat for energy, which can be harmful when in excess.
  3. There’s a link between bad cholesterol levels in the body, triglycerides and heart problems in the consumption of too much animal protein.
  4. A high protein diet can overload the kidneys which can cause major life-threatening health problems down the line.

2. Low Glycemic Index

The glycemic index a way to measure how fast food will increase the body’s blood sugar levels.

Thankfully, quinoa has a low glycemic index which is around 50-55, which makes it a perfect option for people with diabetes for example, who needs to maintain a healthy diet and keep track of foods that have a low GI. *

So foods that are complete proteins, combined with a good amount of fiber make for a perfect food source for people who suffer from Diabetes and must keep control of their blood sugar levels.

3. Fiber

Quinoa has twice as much fiber when comparing to other grains.

That helps to promote the Ghrelin hormone which promotes the feeling of satiety, in turn decreasing your appetite.

These are a few reasons why quinoa for weight loss is a great choice.