Cook Once, Eat All Week Meal Plan

Kitchen Recommendations

If you’re like us, you end up spending quite a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking and preparing weekly or daily meals isn’t easy when you’re living gluten-free, wouldn’t you want it to make it as easy as possible?

We’ve tried all kinds of stuff – mixers, pots and pans, food scales, blenders, and random kitchen gadgets. We’ll go over our favorite items for making life easier and less time-consuming.


Making your kitchen gluten-free is easy, the problem is keeping it that way, especially when living with family members, friends or spouses who live a different lifestyle.

Keeping your cooking equipment clear of gluten is a priority to ensure your future health, don’t share with those not following a gluten-free diet as it will contaminate your food.



Instead of owning all kinds of pans and pots, you should own a few specific and well-chosen pieces that you can cook anything you want with the performance to cook better with heat retention and distribution, affordable price, and temperature control.

A good cookware will generally be robust and thick that will sit flat on the stove, is heatproof with a firm handle and comfortable lids. Based on those criteria’s, we’ve come up the pieces below to be the most useful for our kitchen.



As far as utensils, we’re sure you’ve got the basics.

We’ll be sharing a variety of tools to make cooking a more enjoyable experience, and much easier.



One of the most important tools in the kitchen is a chef’s cutlery. If you want to rapidly cut through anything and create perfect slices of meat, fruits, and vegetables, then you want a good cutlery. It’s not worth buying dull and ordinary knives.

It’s best to have a high-end knife that will last a long time without the need to purchase one again, so below are the only knives we have in our kitchen that’s used for slicing, chopping, and cutting.