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Is Popcorn Gluten-Free?

Spencer Cailas

is popcorn gluten-free

For something that is consumed in insanely large quantities in the USA, popcorn is one of the common names that pops up (no pun intended) whenever someone has a doubt about gluten.

‘Is popcorn gluten-free? ’

How many times have you heard someone ask this at movies or a sporting event to the vendor? Here’s the answer to this riddle. 

Popcorn in its purest form contains just oil and corn, both of which are gluten-free.

However, there are many versions of this versatile snack that can be riddled with gluten due to cross-contamination caused by spices, seasonings, flavors, and other non gluten-free foods

This stands true for all versions of popcorn including pre-popped, microwaveable and movie-theater. In many cases, even pre-salted popcorn has the risk of being gluten contaminated. The only way to be really sure is to pick a brand that labels itself as gluten-free. 

That assures you that you are buying a product that is not processed in any manufacturing unit that shares the space with grains or products containing gluten. 

Any brand that does not label itself explicitly as being gluten-free is a high risk snack for celiac patients.

People also ask if peanut butter is gluten free, since it makes for a tasty topping for those who enjoy it with their popcorn.