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Is Oatmeal Gluten-Free?

Spencer Cailas

is oatmeal gluten free

Out of all gluten-free foods, there’s nothing like America’s famous staple breakfast, oatmeal.

How many of you start your day with a warm and inviting cup of oatmeal? It’s loaded with nutrients, lignans, fiber and err….gluten? 

The possibility of oatmeal being contaminated with gluten due to the presence of ‘Oats’ are surprisingly high. In its pure form however, Oatmeal is safe and gluten free.  

Oats, by itself is gluten free but often shares a common manufacturing or processing unit with its gluten-rich brethren which make it a high risk proposition for celiacs. 

And most oatmeal brands today contain oats. There are just a handful of brands who advertise their oatmeal brands as being gluten-free. Quaker, states explicitly that they are unable to assure that their oatmeal is gluten free.

There are other brands however, like Bob’s red mill and Holly’s Oatmeal which are quite popular for their range of gluten-free oatmeal snacks — popcorn is another great gluten-free food.