How to cook quinoa, this is a simple and quick basic recipe for cooking quinoa. Quinoa is a delicious, nutritious, high-protein seed that may replace couscous or rice.

Cooking quinoa is not dissimilar to brown rice that is cooking using the absorption process. Do not worry if you’ve made more than needed, it makes a tasty muesli or porridge for the next morning.

The following steps are used to cook red, white and black quinoa, although depending on your taste you can adjust it after you got the hang of it.

How to Cook Quinoa

Follow these quinoa cooking instructions and cooking directions to get the best of it, specially if you want to know how to cook and make quinoa perfectly.

Use a measuring cup to measure the dry quinoa out, I use the stainless steel measuring cups.

Rinse the quinoa well. It is easy to rinse with the use of a fine mesh sieve.

To put it differently, use 2 cups of water for each cup of quinoa. Throw in a dash.

Cover and bring to a boiling point. When it begins to boil, turn down the heat to a simmer, and place the lid only to prevent boiling over and simmer for about 20 minutes.. Except for a small spiral sprout, quinoa goes somewhat clear when it is cooked.

In the event the quinoa is tender but there is extra water in the base of the saucepan, leave the lid off entirely to allow the water to evaporate. When done put the lid on, turn heat off and let sit for 3-5 minutes.

Can You Cook Quinoa In A Rice Cooker?

Also, a lot of people ask how can you cook quinoa in a rice cooker, and it is quite simple and easy.

Quinoa is traditionally cooked in a saucepan as shown above, although this works perfectly well, there are other ways to speed things up and make it hands-free such as using a rice cooker, which should be one of your most used kitchen equipment’s — It comes with the following benefits.

  • No guess measurements
  • Scheduled cooking settings
  • Keep warm settings
  • You can use it everywhere there’s an electrical outlet.
  • No overcooked thin layer stuck at the bottom of the pot.

Preparing To Cook It In a Rice Cooker

There are two types of rice cookers, the basic and the fancier type which has many features and lasts much longer.

Instant Pot is an expensive brand but it is totally worth the cost as it will last for years to come and it is very easy to clean with countless cooking features and limitless cooking options.

Cooking It

1. Using a fine mesh sieve to rinse the measured quinoa seed through cold water, one minute under water.

It is suggested to rinse quinoa because it has a coating called saponin which are a specific class of chemical that are found in many plants, you could call them plant steroids that mimics human hormones.

2. Once rinsed, dump the quinoa into the rice cooker.

3. Add in the two cups of water, remember for each cup of quinoa add in two cups of water.

4. Turn on and schedule your rice cooker to go off in 15 minutes with a high pressure.

5. Optional: You can even add in any aromatic herb or vegetable seasoning which goes a long way in changing how it tastes, although quinoa has a great taste on it’s own.

Most people don’t realize that rice cookers are extremely useful far beyond preparing simple rice, the options are limitless, a cleaner way of cooking.

It is important to not forget these main tips below, they are the common mistakes most people make when cooking quinoa.

Common Mistakes When Cooking Quinoa

Believing it’s a grain

It is really the seed of a grain-like harvest related. Perhaps this is not a “cooking trick” – but you should always understand what you are eating.

Skipping to rinse

Rinse it! When you do use a use a fine-mesh strainer, you do not need those tiny seeds to vanish down the drain!

Overcooking it

Mushy quinoa is not liked by anybody! For every cup of quinoa you add in two cups of water.

Draining it

Quinoa carries a lot of water, which means you must make sure it empty completely after it is cooked. Otherwise, it’s going to make all of your dish watery, let it drain for a few minutes.

Letting it rest

Put the quinoa back into the pan after it is done draining, then cover and let sit for a 2o minutes. Let the quinoa rest after it dries out, so that you do not end up with clumpy quinoa.


And that is the best way on how to cook quinoa and how to cook it in a rice cooker to be eaten in any type of meal at any given time of the day, so we hope you enjoyed our quinoa cooking directions and instructions.

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