Cook Once, Eat All Week Meal Plan


Gluten (which gives that elasticity/stretchy quality to dough), is a group of proteins that are found in some grains such as barley, spelt, rye, and specially wheat.

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Best Gluten-Free Apps & Coupon Codes

Avoiding gluten is a pain, but with the right gluten-free app it can make life easier with their tips, gluten-free recipes, meal plans and more. Whether you choose to avoid or are intolerant to gluten, these highly rated apps will help.

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Is Oatmeal Gluten-Free?

Out of all gluten-free foods, there's nothing like America’s famous staple breakfast, oatmeal.

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Is Popcorn Gluten-Free?

For something that is consumed in insanely large quantities in the USA, popcorn is one of the common names that pops up (no pun intended) whenever someone has a doubt about gluten.

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Are Potatoes Gluten-Free?

As gluten continues to snatch away one delicacy after another from your dinner plate, you want to ensure that the humble potato is spared.

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12 Common Questions about Gluten-Free Living

Welcome to our gluten-free FAQ. These are generally the most common questions we get on a daily basis, with quick, short and straight to the point answers for you.

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The Gluten-Free Diet: A Detailed Beginner’s Guide

A gluten-free diet is a popular diet that prohibits ingestion of the protein gluten, a type of protein that causes inflammation in the small intestines, that once believed to affect only the stomach, is now known to give rise to numerous other health problems.

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What are Gliadin and Glutenin?

Being armed with the right information can help you make decisive choices about your diet and even negate the effects that are giving you sleepless nights.

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The Ultimate Gluten-Free Alcohol Guide

You have all but eliminated gluten completely from your diet and you are proud of it. The unexplained rashes has stopped. No wheat and wheat byproducts for you for life.

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What Is Gluten? Analyzing and Interpreting

It’s been a while since "gluten" has become a buzzword of sorts in the world of food and health. What is gluten? Why are celebrities are cutting it out of their diets?