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Gluten Free Dinner Rolls

Spencer Cailas

These dinner rolls are light, fluffy and will make you forget they are gluten-free. They will also make you forget about what a challenge making homemade rolls for an average weeknight meal used to be.

Interestingly, gluten-free baking is often easier than baking with gluten. For starters, there’s no fear of over-mixing and over-working the gluten that can result in a tough final product.

There is also often no kneading of dough when it comes to baking gluten-free bread. Often times, gluten-free bread dough and batter is far thinner than the gluten-full counterpart, so kneading isn’t an option.

In this recipes, the dough is mixed, scooped into the baking pan with a cookie scoop (like a small ice cream scoop) and the rolls rise right in the baking pan and go right into the oven. It’s such a streamlined process, making delicious pillow soft yeast rolls for dinner is possible any night of the week!

Speaking of yeast, baker’s yeast is gluten-free and many brands are sold with a gluten-free label. Be sure your yeast is fresh before you use it so that the dough will rise properly. Storing yeast in the refrigerator is a good idea for keeping it fresh.