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Gluten Free Curry Pork Fried Noodles

Spencer Cailas

This easy to make one pan noodle dish is similar to Singapore noodles except there is no shrimp added.

This colorful dish packs a lot of flavor and a bit of heat creating a perfect balance for the cooler flavors. Noodle dishes are always popular, but when following a gluten free diet, it is impossible to eat them in restaurants without worrying about gluten cross contamination.

You may think that ordering a rice noodle dish in a restaurant, you are eating a gluten free meal. But this is not true, and here is why you should eat Asian meals only at home.

Most curry powders and other spices on the market are not gluten free, and most Asian restaurants use them in cooking. When cooking ethnic dishes, there are many spices added. Curry powder, a spice that is a combination of many spices is one to worry about because most brands are processed in factories that process flour, so cross contamination can happen.

This goes for rice noodles and tamari sauce. Always purchase ingredients marked gluten free, or they may be contaminated with gluten. By using gluten free ingredients at home, you can have your favorite Asian noodle dish without worrying about gluten.