Quinoa (keen-wah)

Quinoa is known world-wide as one of the most popular health foods, as it’s highly nutritious, gluten-free, aids in weight loss, incredibly easy to prepare, delicious and versatile seed (no, it’s a seed, not a grain). There’s a reason this pseudo-cereal is known as a super-food,  it’s a nutritional powerhouse.

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Is Quinoa Carbs?

Quinoa has become exceedingly popular among health foodies and people with special dietary conditions, including celiac disease, diabetes, lactose intolerance, veganism, and the ketogenic diet to name a few.

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5 Reasons to Eat Quinoa for Weight Loss

It's impossible to go can't go wrong with quinoa for weight loss, it's very nutritious and it can be easily used as a perfect substitute for all Rice types by helping to increase the overall food nutritional value.

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Avoiding Soggy and Mushy Quinoa

Soggy, or mushy quinoa is something that tends to happen at least once in every kitchen. When cooked right, the end result is a beautiful, nice and fluffy bowl of quinoa. (more…)

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Is Quinoa a Complete Protein?

Quinoa has a very high protein amount, it's a non-GMO gluten-free seed that's often confused as a grain, so what is quinoa?