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Crisp Savory Sweet Potato Fritters

Spencer Cailas

Sweet potatoes are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, making these fritters a great way to get some nutrition onto your dinner plate. This crisp and savory way to serve sweet potatoes puts a fun spin on an old favorite ingredient that goes with just about any meal!

Coconut oil is recommended here for pan frying because it remains stable at high temperatures, unlike olive oil. Another alternative if you don’t use coconut oil is to use avocado oil, which is also stable at high temperatures.

For short-cut cooking, bake the sweet potatoes in the microwave until tender, then peel when cool enough to handle. Microwave ovens vary, so check your manufacturer’s guidelines for tips on baking potatoes in the microwave.

Serve these delicious fritters with roasted pork or chicken.