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Celiac Disease

An autoimmune reaction to gluten, which is a protein that’s found in rye, barley and wheat which causes the body to attack and damage the persons micro-villi leading to malnutrition due to the nutrition not being absorbed by the body. Symptoms of celiac disease ranges from fatigue, bloating, osteoporosis to diarrhea.

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Malnutrition In People With Celiac Disease

Chances are that you associate the term ‘malnutrition’ with the plight of under nourished children in impoverished nations or ones that are reeling under war. But hidden away in your own body, unbeknownst to you, celiac disease may be causing malnutrition. You heard that right.

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Symptoms Of Celiac Disease

If you have always struggled to control dandruff despite emptying bottles of Ketoconazole on your scalp, or that your hair is thinning and you attributed it to the severe dandruff, or if you are experiencing unexplained skin rashes, tongue sores, bad breath, GERD, early menopause, swollen cervix or swelling in the arms or legs.