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6 Best Quinoa Brands You Can Trust

Katherine Moss

best quinoa brands

Quinoa is a world-renowned super-food especially known for its incredible nutritional profile.

Even the best quinoa brands have come and gone, but one thing most people often forget is that every brand is different.

Wherever, and whenever health is the key factor, health enthusiasts and experts always go for foods that will provide the most nutrients, and some brands provide better quality products.

As far as nutrition goes, quinoa will provide you with all the nutrition features you’re looking to most benefit from.

Different quinoa brands have come and gone for many years, but one thing most people often forget is that every brand is different.

Some quinoa brands have top-notch quality control unlike many, which is a problem for people with gluten-related conditions.

There have been very few trustworthy brands that you can buy quinoa from that have kept up with the same quality, especially when keeping gluten out of their products.

Whatever your goals, the following guide lists a few brands of quinoa that you can always choose without question.

Best Quinoa Brands List

These are the top-ranked brands with the highest quality on the market.

Ranked by brands that strive to keep gluten out of their products as to not be a trigger in people with a gluten-related condition from cross-contamination, have the lowest levels of saponins, market trust especially when buying online.

1. Bob’s Red Mill

If this gluten-free giant isn’t your go-to source for flours and grains, that’s going to change today.

In the early 1980’s Bob Moore, founder of Bob’s Red Mill got a proposition where at the time, he didn’t even imagine would push his business to become the gluten-free giant it is today.

In 1988 when the original mill was burned down he saw the opportunity to further expand the proposition he had received years prior, where he used his business to mass purchase xanthan gum that’s mostly in gluten-free baking and helps to replicate gluten’s elasticity.

In those times, most gluten-free options tasted awful and it wasn’t a market that companies were eyeing at the time. But that’s exactly what Moore decided to do, and today it sells more than 100 varieties of gluten-free products all over the world.

The company also sells many non-gluten-free options, but the important factor is that this company has been producing gluten-free foods for the past 32 years.

Their 325,000 sq ft headquarters in Oregon produces thousands of products daily, where they strive to maintain safety and quality control of their products.

2. Viva Naturals

In 2011, a group of people whose lives revolved around healthy living got together and created the company that is Viva Naturals.

Their goal is to spread their passion for living a healthy life in every aspect of our daily lives.

Their focus and hard work lie in providing completely natural products and here are a few labels to better put their ideas in perspective.

  1. Free of Fillers
  2. Non-GMO
  3. Gluten-Free
  4. All Natural
  5. Certified Organic

It’s the number one seller on Amazon, along with many other products they own from organic foods, supplements, essential oils to beauty products.

3. Healthworks

Since 2005, Healthwork’s mission is to help you reach greater physical and mental health with powerful super-foods that give you great vitality, general health, and energy.

To reach new heights, your first steps must begin with choosing foods that will help in fueling your body.

All their products are minimally processed, to keep and maintain it’s nutritional value. All are certified organic by a third party and farmed in many communities around the world.

Although they have a wide variety of products known and labeled as super-foods, their quinoa isn’t gluten-free certified, neither are they dairy-free or soy-free certified.

4. Kirkland Signature

Kirkland is privately labeled by Costco, the wholesale giant and multinational corporation that’s rated 2nd after Walmart of the top largest retailers in the world.

First introduced in 1992, today it represents 20% of sales, with numerous products many which are gluten-free, however, they’re all grown, and processed by private companies.

All of Kirkland’s products have been proven to be of high quality.

5. BetterBody Foods

Their goal is to provide you, and your loved ones with the best food choices where the highest standard of taste and food safety are prioritized.

Founded by Stephen Richards promises to only provide you with foods he and his loved ones would eat themselves.

Today, they sell products ranging from condiments, super-foods, flours and ancient grains such as quinoa, oils, sweeteners, and supplements.

Their organic quinoa originates from Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina where every seed is picked, saponins removed, cleaned and sifted and finally packaged in their gluten-free certified facility in Utah.

6. TruRoots

Founded in 2009, their mission is to always provide the best organic foods to everyone while doing their part in bettering the world.

Their products are certified organic, Non-GMO, gluten-free labeled.

Their white, red or black quinoa comes straight from Bolivia and Peru, these 2 countries produces the majority of the quinoa crops in the world.

They were the first to introduce the world to sprouted legumes and ancient grains, they are grown in various regions of the world carefully washed and packaged before being imported where they are yet again rewashed.

At that point, they begin their sprouting method.