Get Delicious Extras With Your QUINOA BAG

You can add these tasty and fully diversified quinoa foods to your regular daily meals and diet. Make your life much easier by getting it delivered straight to your door without a hassle.

Red Quinoa

  • Red quinoa has a delicate and neutral taste
  • Gluten free with zero grams of trans fat

Create a delicious and stylish side dish of goodness. Used mostly where distinct grains are preferred. Give your side dish an appealing vibrant color perfectly used with green vegetables with a bit of crunchiness.

Black Quinoa

  • Nutritious, high in fiber, vitamins and minerals
  • Contains a balanced set of amino acids

Eating raw, soft foods and fruits, then give your body a delicious health and fiber boost. Perfect to be eaten cooked, essentially on main meals due to it’s tasteful nutty flavor.

Organic Quinoa

  • Pre-Washed, Organic, 100% whole grain
  • Premium quality quinoa, gluten free

Add a different taste to your meals with the number one alternative to grains, excellent and easily diversified to your likings and perfectly fits any foods, both cooked and uncooked.

Quinoa Flour

  • High fiber source, all essential amino acids
  • Delicate nutty flavor and is versatile for baking

Cook away with the greatest gluten-free weapon in a barkers arsenal, delicious, fluffy and fresh flour for your cooking experiments and recipes. No more complains from celiac patients.