Introducing Quinoa Into Your Kitchen

Include the number one primary staple of the Incas into your daily meals. Aside from being gluten free and the number one substitute to starchy foods, this highly nutritious seed is packed with fiber, iron and all eight essential amino acids with a delicate nutty flavor, and widely versatile.

Choosing your type

  • red quinoa
    Create a delicious and stylish side dish of goodness. Used mostly where distinct grains are preferred. Give your side dish an appealing vibrant color perfectly used with green vegetables with a bit of crunchiness.
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  • black quinoa
    Eating raw, soft foods and fruits, then give your body a delicious health and fiber boost. Perfect to be eaten cooked, essentially on main meals due to it’s tasteful nutty flavor.
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  • white quinoa
    Add a different taste to your meals with the number one alternative to grains, excellent and easily diversified to your liking’s and perfectly fits any foods, both cooked and uncooked.
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We realized that cooking delicious, healthy and nutritious meals isn’t hard, we’re just constantly looking at the wrong food sources.

Including Quinoa in your cooking arsenal will take your health to a whole new level, the options are endless when it comes to what you can make in your kitchen when Quinoa is included – recipes from soups, breads, salads, pilafs, casserole and as far as your imagination can take.

Remember, we are what we eat.