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what you'll get from Gluten Insight

You’ll learn how to cook, eat and live the healthy gluten free life that you deserve, full of energy and feeling better than you ever have before, and how to do it healthily without sacrificing tons of time or the foods you enjoy and love, or harming yourself.

Gluten Insight is all about learning to make the right and best choices in your lifestyle and getting you the greatest results.

In countless cases, these changes aren’t difficult to make, and will be incredibly powerful in your lifestyle.

Thousands of others have changed their life completely by following simple and efficient principles, and now you can learn them too!

Who are we?

Before I continue, let me first introduce myself. My name is Attis Barros, and I’ve struggled with Celiac Disease since diagnosed in 2005!

We all know that health always starts in the kitchen, and my passion for cooking and through my books I’ve been able to help thousands of people throughout the world with long-term health complications.

My primary goal is to turn those numbers into hundreds of thousands and ultimately into millions.

What Is Gluten Insight? is my blog, and community for people that are interesting in learning not only how to overcome their genetic complications through a gluten free lifestyle, but to also live a healthy life.

It is a place where I attempt to entertain and enlighten readers with my articles, recipes, and books.

Take your time to browse around, and visit us regularly to stay motivated in your goals, learn new things about the gluten free diet and find inspiration to change your lifestyle to turn yourself into a new you.

What Is a gluten free Lifestyle?

The gluten free Diet is a diet that completely excludes the protein gluten that is found in grains such as rye, barley, triticale and mostly wheat.

It is basically used as a treatment for celiac disease, although thousands of people with non-celiac gluten sensitive join the diet because of other health benefits such as avoiding genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) which are also linked to gluten disorders.

Where to begin

If you’re unsure of where to begin, this is the best place to start. Before you begin you must understand the information and what is going on when you’re avoiding gluten.

You need to learn what to eat, and how to properly cook and buy foods that are gluten free in order to help yourself strive for the success you want in living a gluten free lifestyle.

As there is quite a lot going on in this website, I will help guide you in the right direction.


This is a easy and quick guide of everything you need, from learning what the gluten free diet is to figuring out what will happen to your body when you start eating this way.


A detailed overview of the foods you’re allowed to eat, and some of the foods that you need to avoid. This will go over most of the basic foods you will need to stock up on.


This answers most of the questions I get regularly, ranging from what you’re allowed to eat, to sample meal plans and to recipes. If you have any questions, check this page out first!


Eating gluten free isn’t easy, aside from being healthy it doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious! See the tasty meals that you can create, or just get an idea of what you can cook.

Need some variety for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Look in this section, you’ll find delicious recipes.

The Books and Meal Plans

I love writing and cooking, and I am filled with gratitude for all the support from my followers, and my trusted readers.

I’ve sold over 15,000 copies of my books and receive helpful and insightful feedback on a daily basis, allowing me to update my books to better serve my readers with more and better information.

Connect with me

I believe it’s extremely important to stay connect and in touch with all of my followers, fans and readers. So don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail, my inbox is always open to you.

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I spend many hours on a daily basis (even weekends) reading, analyzing and replying to as many e-mails and comments as I possible can, please do not be offended if I can’t get to yours quickly enough.

Although, you can get better chances of a reply by doing the following:

Search my website and see if I’ve already written an article that has answers to your questions.

Avoid medical questions as I am not a doctor, I can’t help you treat diseases but I do my best to give out the best information possible.

Please do your best to keep your e-mails as brief as possible so that I may give time to as many as I can.

Alright, now that that’s out of our way, you can use the form in the contact page to get a hold of me.

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